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Your donation will help ensure that everyone living with a neuromuscular condition feels supported to live the life that they choose.

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Can help fund the cost of resourcing MDNSW camp program coordination.
Can help fund staff and carers to provide a safe and supported camp experience.
Can help fund the costs of accommodation and self-care activities for mothers.

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Your generosity supports life-changing programs that create life-changing moments.

When Sonya was first told her newborn daughter
, Bailey, had been born with a neuromuscular condition, she didn’t think of the vast amounts of support their family would require. After spending the past fourteen years as part of the MDNSW community – attending programs and meeting other people living with neuromuscular conditions - Sonya and Bailey have found their lives filled with laughter, education and most importantly, support. 

Your donation will help MDNSW to continue to offer life-changing programs to create life-changing moments and ensure that no one has to face their journey alone. Thank you for considering a gift to MDNSW. Together, we can help children and their families living with neuromuscular conditions, to experience and learn skills that empower them, to live the life that they choose.

Camp Coordination

It takes a team of experts to plan and deliver MDNSW camp programs and activities.

Help support the program planning, training and resources that deliver life-changing camps for children with neuromuscular conditions.

Safe & Supported Camp

We source trained carers, ocupational therapists and nursing staff to provide children with a safe and supported camp experience.

Help every child can participate in camp activities and recieves the care they need to enjoy a week away with their peers.

Respite & Rejuvination 

Providing a relaxing experience is vital to ensuring our mothers return home feeling supported, relaxed and refreshed to continue caring for their child.

Help ensure mothers take the time to recharge, connect with others with similar experience, without the financial burden.